10 Areas for Improvement and Recommendations for Human Resources Management in Company

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10 Areas For Improvement and Recommendations

1. The calculation in appraisal
- The appraisal of the staff is include the level of Branch achieved for the years. However, the target of the branch is very high and very hard to achieved. As such, there will affect the performance of individual or staff performance every years.
2. Low salary for the new staff
- The salary given by management for the new clerk is lower compare with the others industries. However, the management will have a fixed increasement for every year. However, there is an attractive remuneration package and a wide range of benefits which amongst others include medical, insurance coverage, staff housing loan at 0 - 2 % interest rate depending on loan quantum, staff car loan at 2.5 % interest rate and opportunities for development of potential awaits successful candidates. Fresh graduates will be paid a basic salary of not less than RM2,800 per month.
3. No punch card system
- There is no punch card machine in the Branch. The Branch are using the record book as a record of the staff attendance. There is a advantage for the staff can lie the management when they are late.
4. Overtime claim
- There is a problem in overtime claim when the branch are no system to control it. The staff may be over claim the overtime in view that they are no system to control. The staff only record the overtime claim in a record book and the record will sign by the head of department and the manager.
5. The specs claim is no applicable to the supervisor level
- The non-supervisor/officers can claim the specs benefit of RM300-00 every year. However, the staff who in the officers/supervisors cannot claim such benefit.

6. Orientation
- The orientation are no provided by the management. In this matter, the staff wouldn't know the background of the bank and didn't know the culture of the branch…...

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