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2. Identify at Least Three (3) "Bad Ways to Break the Bad News" in Physician-Patient Communication. in Your Answer Identify Ways to Handle This Situation Better.

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2. Identify at least three (3) "bad ways to break the bad news" in physician-patient communication. In your answer identify ways to handle this situation better.
Communicating bad news is an essential skill for physicians and anybody directly involved with the care of patients. Even do, many of them find it challenging to convey bad information, especially when this involves life-threatening or terminal illnesses. Some may feel inadequately prepared or inexperienced. Others fear the news will be distressing and adversely affect the patient, family, or the therapeutic relationship. Deliver the bad news is always difficult; nevertheless, doctors have to find the proper way off doing it. According to (Kastenbaum, 2009, box 4-2 pp 118) the following are clear examples of “bad ways to break the bad news" in physician-patient communication. * Give the bad news right away and get it over with. * Give all facts at one time. * Impress patients and family with medical knowledge. * Tell the diagnosis, and then move on. * Make sure you have broken through denial. * Stretch the truth if necessary to cheer up the patient. * Make it clear that there is nothing more to do for the patient.

I clearly remember after my father had his brain surgery, we saw many health care providers. His primary doctor would always say he was doing better, even though his health continued deteriorating. The neurosurgeon would use fancy medical terminology to describe the tumor’s location, and that it wasn’t completely removed. The radiologist’s prognosis was always, “showing signs of improvement” he would end it each visit by saying “we are getting better, yet few more therapies are needed before the tumor can be completely removed.” Finally after more than four years of visiting the same health care providers, we took my father to a different hospital. The…...

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