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The product development team at Chocoberry has the responsibility of drafting a business plan for the option of marketing chocolate products with basic health claims for the United States' retail consumer market. These products are being developed by the technical departments as bar goods, such as one ounce or larger molded slabs of chocolate in dark, milk, inclusion-containing (nuts, fruit, etc.) products

You are a consultant who has been engaged by CB to create and evaluate their alternatives and provide a report. The following are some areas your report should address:

You should detail at least three possible distribution options for Chocoberry's new venture. Describe and provide flow diagrams for the alternative patterns. This includes the advantages and disadvantages for Chocoberry for the first year of the new chocolate product mix to reach the target markets identified to date. Select and justify the best for Chocoberry at this time using known data.

Some thoughts about distributing via the Internet:
- chocolate melts in warm weather; many chocolate companies will not ship product during warm weather or will not guarantee the quality of the shipped product unless dry ice is used (which drives up the shipping cost).
- and, who is going to buy chocolate on the internet without having tasted it first? Most chocolate companies build a demand for the taste of their product before they build an ecommerce site.
- Finally, this case is about identifying your customers and identifying the best sales channel to reach them (and getting product to that channel).

For example, (and this is just for illustration), if you think d-mortar'…...

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