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Solutions to an Expanding Business: The Story of AΩ TechInc

Alpha Omega Technical Industries (ΑΩ TechInd) has come to the point where substantial company growth has caused them to be extended well beyond their headquarters located in Los Angeles, California. The growth of ΑΩ TechInd has landed them in a position to where they need to serve numerous divisions positioned around the globe. Technical and network issues such as; data storage, access, and security are areas that AΩ TechInd must address in order for their industry to be able to support their growth. The purpose of this paper will provide details in order to reach a solution on an ever growing demand of storage requirements for ΑΩ TechInd.

Solutions to an Expanding Business: The Story of AΩ TechInc A network can be defined as “a group of two or more computers which are connected in such a way that they can exchange information (or share data) with one another” (Strong, Heer, and Lane, 2012). Since the creation of ΑΩ TechInd, the business has reached high levels of success and is worldwide renowned. ΑΩ TechInd also supports numerous divisions in many cities around the globe such as; Miami, Frankfort, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, and Shanghai. Because of the major growth that ΑΩ TechInd had achieved, the business’s network in return must also expand in order to sustain the transactions of data and support other information that may occur on a day to day basis. In order for ΑΩ TechInd to meet business demands and to run efficiently between all divisions and their clients, issues such as; storage, security and transactions must be applied to the current network.
Existing Network Set-up The corporate office of ΑΩ TechInd is located in Los Angeles, California. It is in this location that the business’s main file server is allocated. Right now, the primary functions of…...

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