A Committed Spouse Is a Great Source of Energy!

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As a man, commitment is my sure intent to stay in a relationship with my wife while faithfulness is the practice of doing so. Having said that, let's admit that a committed spouse is not necessarily a faithful spouse. We men, in particular, succumb to the idea that I can have my Nalu but Mercy too. Nalu is the stable spouse with whom I raise my kids, attend church and grow gray hair with. Mercy represents the workplace "friendship" or sexual fling; she's the spice to my stable marriage. In my mind I am committed to both, but in practice am faithful to neither.
But commitment is worth a lot more than my initial pessimistic view. Commitment can be equated to training for a race. Training doesn't guarantee winning, but it brings a host of benefits. The more deeply people are committed to their spouse and marriage, the more likely they are to: sacrifice for the sake of their marriage, feel satisfied with their relationship, feel less trapped in their marriage, enjoy longer-lasting marriages, not scan the horizon for alternative partners, etc. A committed partner is a great source of energy!

Couples who are committed tend to share their thoughts more deeply. They go beyond discussing the Man Utd current slump in form, that's a discussion one can have with anyone. They describe what they are thinking, feeling, dreaming, and scheming. Couples who believe that their spouses should be able to mind-read, believe me, struggle relationally. It's frustrating having to guess what your friend is up to! Assumptions lead to accusations!

But you may ask, why are spouses finding it hard to be faithful? It's may be because of lack of deeper understanding of why it's important to be in a relationship where commitment is key from the word go, when you are dating... Did you marry for love and companionship or for other common but useless reasons such as "He has a beemer"? This is…...

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