A Stepping Stone for a Big Dream

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A newly graduate high school student nowadays wonders what appropriate course to take. Some take up courses that their parents want them to take while others choose what their friends choose too. Before I took up Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology at University of La Salette, my primary reason was that I wanted to be a doctor and they say Medical Technology is the best pre-med course. However, as months passed by, I started to realize that it was a best choice to take medical technology because the modernized medical technology can give me the power to be able to answer some questions such as how it is possible to treat and look after an unconscious patient with simply knowing what is going on inside his/her body without any surgery which can make a very big difference to any surgical treatments. Imagining my life as a Medical Technologist few years from now gives me an unexplainable excitement to know how it became too possible that even one of the world’s most powerful explosives can eventually be used to treat heart conditions and also how one of the most dangerous poisons could save people’s lives. Through the technology now used by Medical Technologists, I will be able to understand those kinds of unbelievable instance clearly. If I become Medical Technologist, my work-related learning is much more than the job opportunity. I also believe that it is the most accurate opportunity that involves knowledge and skills in pursuing my future in the broad range occupational areas that are available. I am also planning to proceed as a surgeon specializing on either cardiology or neurology. But on instances, I also want to become a Pathologist which made the Medical Technology become the most appropriate and suited course that I need to take.
In my beginning as a student taking up Medical Technology at University of La Salette, I…...

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