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With the deepest gratitude and appreciation , I humbly give thanks to the people who helped me in making my On-the-Job Training a possible one.

To my parents , for their unending love and support, for providing all my needs financially and morally, for their patience and understanding during my tiring days that I can’t help them in the chores, for their never fading advices and for being there for me no matter what.

To my girlfriend who serve as an inspiration to me, who keep on encouraging me to always make the best out of everything and for being and ever supporting girlfriend to me.

To the institution where I am studying , Surigao del Sur State University , where I am continuously growing as a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management student and to sir Rudyard Ryan Verano for giving us, students, the opportunity to be educated.

To all my instructors who shared and continuously sharing their knowledge with students like me and keep on molding me into a better person. I am extending my warmest thanks especially to the Kapitans of Villa Maria Luisa Hotel who share with us everything that they knows and keep on inspiring me to pursue my goals in life, most of all, my goal to work in a 5 Star Hotel someday. I thank all the Kapitan’s of Villa Maria Luisa Hotel for their patience during the times that we commit failures and a big thanks for touching my life and motivating me to study harder for me to have a better future.

To the employees of Villa Maria Luisa Hotel, for their warm welcome to me. To my Banquet Supervisor JR Blasurca, to my Banquet Captain Bryan Lozada , to my Hotel Supervisor and Adviser Ms. Albina Perez and the rest of Villa Maria Luisa Hotel staff, I am very grateful for having them as part of my On-the-Job Training. For all their advices and for everything that they taught me during my stay with…...

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