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Quiz # 2: Active/Passive Voice
Due by midnight on Sunday

I. Explain the difference between the active and the passive voices; then write a sentence in the passive voice and rewrite the same sentence using in the active voice.

Active voice is when the sentence has a subject that has happened or will happen. Passive voice has the subject not do the action at all.

Active: Today the kids bought a lot of toys at Book-Off in Yokohama.

Passive: The Book-Off in Yokohama has a lot of toys the kids bought.

II. Rewrite all of the following sentences so they are in the active voice. Some sentences could contain more than one passive verb; correct them all.

1. The crowd is stunned as the slight freshman, plucked from the bench after the star player fouled out of the game, hit a three-pointer from the half-court line.
2. Parents are criticizing Troop Leader Marion Reilly for the way she handled an overnight trip involving two girls whom police found drunk about half a mile from the camp site.
3. Vogue is considering the University College journalism student for a job as an editorial assistant.
4. Although Oprah Winfrey’s book club is selecting his book, “The Corrections” author Jonathan Franzen is criticizing the honor, saying it put off men.
5. About a quarter of the student’s credits are being earned through internships and prior learning experiences.
6. President Obama's inspiring speeches captivated American voters, before he was elected.
7. At a Thanksgiving dinner thrown for Irish immigrants in Boston, speaker Caroline Kennedy said her ancestors were once discriminated against because of their heritage.
8. The film “Blackhawk Down” contains the story of pilot Michael Durant, whom Somali soldiers had beaten and dragged through the streets of Mogadishu.
9. A student's performance on weekly assignments, class participation, a midterm and a final…...

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