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Addiction and Drug Abuse There are many people that try drugs out for different reason. Some of the reasons many people experiment with drugs is because they want to have fun, improvement in athletic abilities, ease of depression, anxiety, and stress, because others are doing it or just out of curiosity. Drug use does not necessarily lead to drug abuse and there is not a particular level that using drugs will change from insouciant to challenging. Drug abuse and addiction varies by individual. Addiction and drug abuse more so has to do with the consequences of using drugs than the quantity and frequency of substance being consumed. You know that you have a drug addiction or abuse problem when the use of drugs causes dilemmas in your life such as at home, with your relationships, at school, at work, or anywhere else. There are some drug users that do not get addicted. Your family environment, social environment, mental health, and genes play a significant role in drug abuse and addiction. Early use of drugs, abuse, and neglect, traumatic childhood experiences, smoking a drug, injecting a drug, depression, stress, anxiety, and family history are factors that may increase your vulnerability to drug addiction and abuse.
In conclusion, individuals that experiment with drugs continue to use them because the drug may stop them from feeling bad and make them feel really good. In several circumstances, there is a fine line between regular use and drug addiction and abuse. Not many people recognize when they have reached that point. Source:…...

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...Drug Addiction Angela Figueroa COMM/156 May 20, 2012 Meghan Anderson Drug Addiction In society, drugs have been the downfall for many people. There are many reasons that a person may use drugs such as: peer pressure, relief of stress, increased energy, to relax, to relieve pain, to escape reality, to feel more self esteem, and for recreation ("Drug addiction and drug abuse," 2011). What is it that causes the obsession and compulsion to use drugs? Why can some people stop and others go on to become addicts? Addiction is often now defined by the continuing, compulsive nature of the drug use despite physical and/or psychological harm to the user and society ("Drug addiction and drug abuse," 2011). MRI’s have shown evidence that the brain of an addict has specific abnormalities of tissue malfunction that non-addicts do not have ( 2004). Drug addiction is a disease that can be defined as a disordered condition resulting from the effect of deficiency or imbalance on the body. Drug addiction can be considered almost like a cancer or virus because it takes over one’s body and can cause detrimental physical and mental effect (, 2012) s. Addiction is a disease that affects not only the person taking the drugs, but also their family, friends and the community around them. Drug addiction is considered a disease by some but others view it as a lack of will power. Addiction to drugs was once viewed as a moral issue but as more research is done they are......

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