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January 19. 2012

Jimmy Dean
123 My Street
My Town, KS. 00000

Dear Mr. Dean:

Here at Unstated, we strive to make your VW classic air cooled rebuild as painless as we possibly can and understand the frustration of anxiously awaiting a part, just to realize that the part does not fit or has a defect that keeps it from being installed. We guarantee every part that we sell, and are relentless in our pursuit of supplying you the best aftermarket parts available anywhere.

When I received you complaint, I sought out my engineer and asked him if there was a problem that we needed to know about these plugs because we had received a letter stating that there was a problem with a set that we had recently sold. I showed him the pictures that you had sent, and had him pull a set out of stock so we could better understand the problem that you were having, and discovered by looking at the pictures that you purchased National Fine Thread (NFT) taps instead of the National Pipe Thread (NPT) taps that the plugs call for.

It is easy to see how buying the wrong thread size tap can happen since the thread type is stamped in such small letters on the tap and since the letters NFT and NPT are so close in appearance, it is possible that the way you were holding the tap to the light caused you to believe the” F” was actually a” P” at first glance. Due to the wrong sized taps being used, we regretfully cannot refund your purchase or shipping costs.

Since the pressure in the oil galley can reach 300psi, especially at start-up when the engine is cold, I do not recommend that you use the NFT plugs that you installed, the threads just are not coarse enough to provide the holding power that is necessary to hold the plug into the case, and the loss of a plug will almost instantly drain the oil from your case, which will cause your engine to be destroyed. Since the NPT is…...

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