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THEME The def of Tobruk proved that even in a terrain as the desert a skilful comd could hold his en in defensive operations. Wavell had applied the concept of offensive def to meet the German onslaught. On the other hand Rommel has been criticised for his reckless push, little car-ing for the requisite log sp which becomes even more crucial in the inhospitable desert terrain. Carry out an analysis of the battle of Tobruk bringing out the strs and weaknesses of Wavell's concept of def and causes of Rommel's failure.

To analyse the Battle of Tobruk (April - may 1941) highlighting the strs and weaknesses of Wavell's concept of def and reasons for Rommel’s failure.

a. Background
b. Imp of Tobruk
c. Opposing forces
d. Wavell's concept of def
e. Strs and weaknesses of Wavell's concept.
f. Cause of Rommel's failure.

1. Between the summer of 1941 and that of 1942 the field of battle in the Libyan desert shifted to and fro with almost the regularity of a pendulum, or so it seemed. The extremes of the swing were from Mersa Brega in the west and Buq Buq to the east, except for the small stretch of Egyptian territory east of Sollum, the area between these two places covered the whole of Cyrenaica, the eastern province of Libya.
2. Although Tobruk itself, seventy miles west of the Egyptian frontier, is well to the east of the centre of this area, it remained the fulcrum about which the pendulum swung for clear reasons of geography. The first arose from the existence of the Gebel Akhdar, the area between Benghazi and the Gulf of Bomba. Any army that tried to hold its opponents here was liable to be cut of by an outflanking mov across the desert from the south. The irony of it was that the area, known as "The Bulge", was in fact one of the main objs of both sides. Its significance to the British…...

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