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All Human Actions Are Ultimately Motivated by Self-Interest

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All human actions are ultimately motivated by self-interest

Human actions and motifs in behinds are the most interested issue in psychological study. ‘Human actions’ are behaviors done by people which typically with an aim, meaning and involve a choice. On a rational basis, one makes decisions to maximize self-interest and minimize own loss. (Pütz, 1992) Within this context, ‘Self-interest’ means the consideration of advantage, which refer to both the material and psychological one, for oneself when they are making a decision. This essay will argue that humans act with respect to the account of their self-interest, which is a collective sum of different subjective values, regardless of whether it is conscious or not at the instance. Such argument will be declared by analyzing two distinctive kinds of actions, relationship-related action and charity action, in terms of their ultimate causality with self-interest.

One best example of action demonstrating self-Interest motivation is parental love, particularly in Chinese culture. Subjectively, one family members and friends are seen as part of their own property. Protecting and acting along the self-interest of their beloved one is actually a guarding of one own self-interest. Nowadays in Hong Kong society, ‘helicopter parents’ is a popular phenomenon. Helicopter parents are those who over-protect, over-control and over-perfect their children by not requiring the children to take care of themselves while having extremely high expectations about their children’s academic and extra-curricular achievements. (Bayless, 2013) These parents will clarify their own actions to be out of their love to their children. However, it is undeniable that many children are not happy with their parents’ arrangement, which creates no spare time and freedom to them. The children are apparently a property of their parents, who hope to…...

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