All That and a Bag of Chips

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Kevin Reyes
English 102
Professor Wilcoxen
November 26, 2012
All That and a Bag of Chips In this point in my life I wish I could say I was a healthy kid in school, but I wasn’t; I was the chubby kid. I remember kids being able to wrap their hands around their wrist while I was struggling enclose my index finger and my thumb. It was not up until my years in middle school where I started to feel self conscious about my weight and my looks. Now thinking about it, how was I to know that fast food would alter the way I looked? But then again, I was just only a child; I had no control over what I ate. I’m guessing my parents were supposed to take care of my diet though?
That is the idea that Spurlock, Popkin, and Schlosser try to reveal; Americans have no idea what they stuff in their mouths and don’t know how to control their binge for fast food. These three artists take different approaches in informing us the cause and effects of the fast food industry. Spurlock perfectly illustrates the negative effects fast food has on the body by conducting an experiment with the McDonald’s menu for thirty days straight in his comical documentary film, Supersize Me. In both The World is Fat and “Fast Food Nation”, Popkin and Schlosser talk about how fast food has quickly evolved during the years and how fast food has implemented itself into people’s lives. They all try to reveal the true nature of fast food corporations and how they have brainwashed people with their well expensed advertisements. They want to make people believe they are getting the best deal for their buck. Schlosser and Popkin talk about the evolution of the fast food industry; according to Schlosser, the fast food industry “Has infiltrated every nook and cranny of American society” (Schlosser 387). Not only has fast food only have America by the throat, but the world. Spurlock says, “McDonald's operates…...

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