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Applying Five Force to Almdudler


Almdudler is a self-confident brand that continuously displays the

determination to be successful in the marketplace. They seem extremely optimistic and

assured that their brand can eventually reach high plateaus. According to the

article their numbers are continuously rising throughout. With increases such as 1.7

percent in Austria and increases internationally through exports, it seems that this brand

has an extremely bright future. Furthermore, the article states that consumers worldwide

are beginning to be familiar with the brand. With Almdudler preparing to enter the US

market their plans to diversify their brand with different types of drinks seems promising.

However, is that enough to draw American buyers? It will be a significant challenge for

Almdudler to be successful in a country that has a soft drink industry that is

tremendously competitive and diverse.

Five Force Model: Threats of Substitute Markets

One of the aspects in the five force model is threats and substitutes from

other companies. The main traits of this category are:

• product differentiation
• and what aspects would attract consumers to this particular brand of soft drink.

Although awareness for Almdudler has risen significantly internationally, in this

particular industry, Coca Cola remains dominate. Globally its diverse brand of soft

drinks and juices, has for many years caught the attention of a wide variety of

consumers. The United States based company claims their drinks are sold in over 200

countries worldwide, and of course is the leading brand of beverages in the United

States. With a dynamic lineup of beverages such as Minute Maid, Sprite, and

Mr.Pibb on their resume, Coca Cola has reached levels of satisfaction with consumers


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