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The Universal Message of the United States: The Hero and National Typology of Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

„ A myth aims to synchronize individual and society (…) as well as eliminating bothersome ideas, ideas, which are indifferent towards the individual. This necessitates the passionate representation of the idea, (…) with thought always referencing something superior.”(Berkes-Nemes)

Several genre films have been made which themes are interwoven with the Second World War: from this vast historical material, romantic films, historical dramas, crime films and even comedies have been made, but the opus titled Captain America: The First Avenger (Johnston, 2011) does more than any other of its companions: the story of the film adapted from comic shows more than an American hero can defeat everybody if it is about his country; in the meantime it does something that cinema has yet to endeavor: it elevates Hitler’s Germany to the level of miracles. It achieves this by putting a number of fantastic plot threads apart from the classic hero-rising story into the main plotline: the enemy of Captain America is a group called Hydra, who are in possession of an ancient material of vast magical capabilities, which is not only stronger than Hitler, but could destroy the whole world in the wrong hands.
The familiar ‘the world is in danger and it must be saved by an American’ – story would not be interesting, if there was not a strong supplementary – and attributive – ideological plane added to the usual hero story. The main desire of Captain America is namely „to kill Nazis in the World War” (Captain America: The First Avenger).

1. American Stories

The story of the movie is simple and basic: there is a good-hearted and determined – but physically handicapped – main character (Steve Rogers played by Chris Evans), whose greatest…...

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