Animal Testing, Its Perks and Disadvantages

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Animal testing should not be banned

Animal testing is defined as the use of animals in medical experiments. It has been vital in almost all major medical advances in the last hundred years for both humans and animals (Trull, F L 2013). The development of among many life-saving or lengthening treatments for example, treatment for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and the many vaccines for most diseases such as cancer and Parkinson’s disease are contributed significantly by animal testing. Most of the animals currently used for animal testing are lab rats that were carefully bred for the sole purpose of being experimented on, like lab rats and different species of monkeys. Thus, the ecosystem will not be disturbed and the scientists can continue experimenting with less guilt of killing innocent animals. However, there are people who object animal testing and request for the banning of animal testing, for fact that it is done involuntarily by the animals and they claim that animals have their own respective rights. Moreover, they proposed that the results from animal testing are not convincing because they are not accurate. Although results from animal testing has not been proven to be accurate, animal testing plays a huge role in medical field therefore it should not be banned because it has the potential to cure illnesses that may affect a person’s life; it also allows the creation of many important medical techniques and most importantly animal testing can save lives. Animal testing is able to help procure remedies for people infected with illnesses that may cause physical impairment. An example of such disease that gradually causes physical impairment and has had its cure obtained through animal testing is diabetes. Moreover, “Duchenne muscular dystrophy” (DMD), which is an inherited muscle wasting disease affecting young boys” has its cure found…...

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...The number of animals killed each year in the United States alone varies between 17 and 70 million. The Animal Welfare Act (ACA) states that laboratories must report the number of animals used in experiments; yet mice, birds, and rats are not included in this figure. These animals are used in 80 to 90 percent of all animal testing. Because of this, it is impossible to calculate the exact number of animals used in such experiments (PETA, 5). Animal testing might not directly affect ordinary people each day or be an issue on everybody’s mind, yet the actions people do daily can affect animal experimentation. This has been a worldwide issue and an ongoing battle for decades. Vivisection, the practice of lab experimenting on live animals, has been around since the beginning of scientific medicine. It is an alternative to the dissection of human corpses, which resulted from religious leaders’ protests (Choose Cruelty Free). There are numerous reasons why people and organizations want animal testing changed. People of all nations and religions argue differently on this topic. Yet the main factor in deciding the moral correctness of animal experimentation is one’s personal belief. No matter which side a person takes on this topic, they feel there are several things that must be done to benefit their stance and its publicity. A group in opposition of animal testing is the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Their main claim is put as, “Animals are not ours to...

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...Journal #1 Word Count – Animal Testing In the world of psychological research, using animals for research testing is a great thing. Scientist have developed and proven many theories through this research. For this journal assignment I read several articles on animal testing and was amazed at the things we as humans have gained through research. We developed cures for major forms of sickness including Tuberculosis, Meningitis, and Parkinson’s disease. As well as perfecting blood transfusions using pigs and the development of insulin using dogs which was later introduced to humans in 1922. So with all these great things coming from research testing on animals, why would people still have a problem with it? Some say it is inhumane to use animals for this but how many human lives would have been lost without the development of cures for some of the diseases mentioned above. Penicillin, which was developed from animal research testing, has saved over two hundred million lives since its discovery in 1928. I love animals just as much as the next person but the number of human lives that have been saved, in my opinion, outweigh the cons of animal testing. On the subject of “if animal testing is ethical or unethical” my opinion is not as strong, mainly because myself and most other people do not know exactly how the experiments are ran. According to the APA, scientists have a strict code of ethics that each must uphold when it comes to animals testing or they will lose their......

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...seventy million animals are hurt and killed in the name of science by private institutions, household products and cosmetics companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and scientific centers. Animal testing is wrong and downright mean. Innocent animals should not be treated badly and caused pain for the sake of a human's safety. Many people think animal testing is good while others think it is wrong. I think it is completely and absolutely wrong. Some people argue that humans are not necessarily superior to animals, so why should animals be experimented on and made to suffer to protect human beings? Do you know what animal testing is, what condition the animals live in, and what some alternatives to testing animals are? Animal testing is the use of animals in biological, medical, and psychological studies. Human beings and many animals have similar organ systems and body processes. Experiments on animals help scientists increase knowledge about the way the human body works. In the United States, scientists perform experiments on more than twenty million animals each year. That is way too many. Medical researchers study animals to get a better understanding of body processes in humans and animals. They use many animals to study the causes and effects of illnesses, such as cancer and heart disease. Vivisection is the most controversial issue of animal rights. Vivisection actually means “cutting a living thing”. Some popular companies that still test on animals......

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...Imagine this situation: a new company is testing an eye care product on a subject. In the test, a substance is placed in one eye of the subject, with the other eye serving as a control. The subjects are restrained, preventing them from responding naturally to the irritation, and their eyes are evaluated after one hour and then at 24-hour intervals for up to 14 days. Some continue to be evaluated up to three weeks later. The level of irritation to the eyes is scored numerically by observation of the three major tissues of the eye (cornea, conjunctiva, and iris). The subjects suffer from redness, bleeding, ulcers, and even blindness, and are likely killed upon completion of the experiment. The subjects were in fact rabbits in tests called “animal testing.” Animal testing has raised huge debates worldwide that has raised many questions. How important is animal testing for us humans? Are the results going to be the same? Most importantly, should we ban animal testing for the sake of the animals? Animal testing is a phrase that most people have heard but are perhaps still unsure of exactly what is involved. Whether it is called animal testing, animal experimentation or animal research, it refers to the experimentation carried out on animals. It is used to assess the safety and effectiveness of everything from medication to cosmetics, as well as understanding how the human body works. Animal testing, also known as animal research, plays a crucial role in scientists' understanding......

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...Animal testing is use of animals in experimental ways for the benefit of biomedical research, and it has been a topic long argued about. To every argument, there are two sides: The American Medical Association (AMA) and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans (PETA). AMA’s opinion on the topic states that animal testing is necessary, while PETA highly discriminates it. These two major groups of people have been “at war” with each other on this topic of animal testing in biomedical research for decades. The AMA has recently published an article on this topic titled “Use of Animals in Biomedical Research.” AMA’s argument in this article is effective, they use persuasive techniques to support their claim, and their evidence is clear; however, the author fails to make some of his counterarguments convincing. AMA’s claim convinces you that animal testing is needed for biomedical research in many different, but persuasive ways. For example, they express that without all of the information gathered from animal testing, either man kind will be tested on, or we wouldn’t have the health benefits and treatments for diseases that we have today. In this statement, the author uses appeal to fear, by stating that humans everywhere will pay the price in terms of human pain and suffering, thus increasing fear and prejudice towards the audience. Another way the author uses persuasive techniques to support the claim, is by saying that there are limitations to the use of human subjects......

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...Animal testing is also known as the use of animals for scientific experiments. Most animal testing is done by universities, pharmaceutical companies, and medical schools. Most animals used for research are breed for the specific purpose of testing and few animals used for testing are captured from the wild. They use animals for basic research such as behavior studies and genetics while other animal testing is done for the benefit of humans. This research includes drug testing, surgical procedures, medical equipment, and somewhat inconsequential applications like; cosmetics, and other household products. Here are some pro’s and cons that are mostly mentioned about animal testing: Pro’s o Finding drugs and treatments to improve health and medicine. There are already some lifesaving medical breakthroughs that are the result of animal testing, like open heart surgery, organ transplants, effective insulin, vaccines for deadly diseases, … o It is the most accurate way to learn the effects of substances in a living body o Ensuring the safety of drugs and other substances o Human harm is reduced and human lives are saved but also animal lives are saved because of animal testing. o Many of the medications and procedures that we currently use today wouldn’t exist and the development of future treatments would be extremely limited. o Many argue that the lives of animals may be worthy of some respect, but the value we give on their lives does not count as much......

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...Jason Kimel English 122 Essay #3 Animal testing is a very controversial topic to discuss. The research of animals is defined as the use of chemicals to test on different parts of the animal’s body. Products such as mascara are applied to an animal’s eye, or lipstick is applied to an animal’s lips to see any reaction it may impose on a human. The results based on the animal experimentation will let the scientists know if the chemical or product is safe to use for all ages of people. “Scientists are closer than ever to finding the cures for AIDS, cancer and other deadly illnesses. But more research and testing are needed and much of it must be done on animals.” (Epstein and Brook 604) There are many aspects to animal testing that are for the better, but there also is a bad side to this topic. Animal testing has become a big issue of debate. Some people agree with it, and some disagree. No matter what anyone thinks about the issue, the fact remains that most animal testing is done for a reason and has its benefits and drawbacks. Animal testing was first discovered by Charles Darwin to better study human beings. Since then, animals have been subjected to every test science has to offer. One of the most pointless and cruel tests done on animals, in my opinion, is testing cosmetics. Everything from perfume to soap is tested on the animal to see if it will be harmful in any way to humans. This test is done by pouring some kind of chemical or substance onto the animal's......

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...Animal Testing Many the big issues, for many years, has been about animal testing. The argument of is animal testing good or bad has been a bother for numerous amounts of people. Many people believe that animal testing is terrible because sometimes it causes animals to suffer and even die. Most scientist say animal testing is used to help the nation. They test different products to see if it's safe for humans to use. Many forget the benefits from animal testing and how much good it has done to humankind. A few ways animal testing has benefited mankind is by testing medications, substances that may affect people, and other product such as beauty products. Scientist have been able to Discover many cures for diseases because of animal testing. Because of, millions of people have been able to live a long life. Scientists also test medications on animals to see if there are safe for humans to use. Animals have saved millions because of their uses for medical and scientific research. Each time a person takes a medication or is given anything for medical usage, animals have contributed to that. Dangerous chemicals testing has also helped mankind. The purpose of animal testing is to see if any chemicals or substances are a danger to the people. Scientists have learned so much about what helps humans and what harms them. We are still, to this day, discovering what is safe for the people in the world. Animals get to be a part of helping humanity grow. Everyone wants to look...

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... Should Animals be used for Research During the past ten years, a major controversy over the use of animals in biomedical and behavioral research has arisen. The debate about using animals for medical testing has been ongoing for years. The struggle is usually between animal rights activists and scientist. I believe that animal testing is imperative to the progression of medical cures, procedures and drugs. Scientists have been solving medical problems, developing new techniques and treatments, and curing diseases by using animals in biomedical research. Animal rights advocates believe that animals should not be exploited by humans, and that animals have the same rights as humans. Anti-vivisectionists oppose the use of animals in medical research. They believe that medical researchers are cruel and inhumane. Animal Welfare does not oppose all use of animals in research. They oppose inhumane and unnecessary use of animals and fight to eliminate pain and suffering of animals. On the Contrary, scientists argue that animal research is necessary because it helps them develop medications, vaccines, or new procedures to treat or prevent diseases for both humans and animals. Most research projects either do not involve pain or the pain is alleviated with analgesic or anesthetic drugs. They understand that pain causes stress for the animals, and this stress can seriously affect the results of the study. With all these controversies about this issue, why are animals......

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