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"History of Animation" The start of modern animation didn't begin with a series of drawings but with a series of photos. The idea came along when a man named Eadweard Muybridge was put with the task of determining if during a hoses gallop that all four hooves are off the ground at the same time. He went about it at first by measuring hoof print distances and the such but could not find any conclusive data from this. Now Muybridge had a history of book dealing, illustration, and finally taking up photography. Its during this time that he had picked up photography and decided to use that to determine if the horse leaves the ground fully at any time during a gallop. Muybridge sets up a series of cameras along the horses path; which are set to trigger in sequence as the horse runs by. The mechanism that was used for this to occur is called a Phenakistoscop. After successfully taking the pictures of the horse in motion he continued to take picture of other animals and the such. He eventually published the book "Animal Locomotion" containing these images. His work was great help not only artistically but scientifically to the world. Now although animation is possible to produce what good would it be without someone to watch and who better than a human. Mainly because of how we see and perceive motion. An example would be a slow moving hand we can see crisp and clear and tell that its moving and where it is at all times. Now let us say that hand is moving really fast now as if someone is throwing a punch. It is not super clear but we are still able to block, dodge, or parry that punch. We are able to do that because of the motion blue affect which allows us to see high rates of movement is fluid actions. If we were to see each frame of movement it would seem choppy to us, so instead we have a blurred object that we are still able to perceive and react to. This…...

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