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AP for ATLAM Summary Termination of Mr. Lim A. Not rational to terminate Lim
A loss for ATLAM once the SAP is successful to be implemented
Negative impact to members
Suggestion: seminar by an expert in SAP system cost constraints impractical to Atlam better integrate operational data match the group reporting system or Implementation of
SAP 1. SAP's Cost Type of cost Non- financial costs Financial costs Should implement as its benefits is more than costs.
Needs to ensure SAP system runs smoothly and efficiently. ATLAM
Train & prepare the Malaysians for the Maritime industry
Wholly owned by MICT Berhad
Privatized on 1 Jan 1997
Vision: Leader in maritime education & training
Mission: facilitate valued added learning via a conducive environment & provide excellent services to its clients Single user system
1981 - 2001 used to enter debit & credit SAP system link with PETRA's system to match with group reporting structure B. Conclusion Implementation of SAP benefit > cost

Termination of Mr. Lim is unethical 3. Staff Resistance Resistance to change is a normal response.
Lim as user representative refuse to accept the implementation of SAP system because of the higher cost of implementation that he voice up in the meeting
Lim showed aggression and anger towards Zulkifli in meeting as signs and symptoms of an adverse reaction to change Staff resistance can be one of the factors of failure in implementing new system
Example : Gopal as User Project Manager state that, SAP implementation not only change the technology but it also will change in work processes, culture and habits that had been built for many years, in some cases, decades. Provide as much advance information about the actual change as possible
Understand the factor that can contribute to staff resistance.
Get the staff involved to participate in making the change…...

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