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“Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a men’s growth without destroying his roots”
Frank A. Clark

I would like to thank my academic advisor, Gordon Holyer for his patience and kind guidance through various stages of the project. Through his suggestions and valuable advice the project grew in scope, gained necessary clarity and professional delivery. The benefit and help provided by Gordon Holyer is best summarized in the opening quote above for which I thank him wholeheartedly.
Furthermore, I would like to show my appreciation for Vancouver Island University faculty for seamless transition from classroom to work settings. To my Internship Coordinator Nattallie Tessier my sincere gratitude for your tireless commitment and unwavering support.
Last but not least, I would like to show appreciation to my Internship Mentor Carrie Linegar for giving me this internship opportunity at BC Wheelchair Basketball Society. I will always remember the experience as wonderful and it was genuine pleasure learning from you.
Without of the collective support of all individuals involved I would not have completed this project.

Milan Azanjac
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Table of Contents
Acknowledgements i
List of Acronyms iv
1-1. Company Profile 1
1-2. Goals and Objectives of the Applied Project 1
2-1 Environmental Analysis 3
2-1-1. Economic segment 3
2-1-2. Social-Cultural Segment 4
2-1-3. Technological Segment 5
2-1-4. Legal Segment 5
2-2. Industry Environment Analysis 6
2-2-1. Threat of New Entrants 6
2-2-2. Bargaining Power of Buyers 7
2-2-3. Bargaining Power of Suppliers 7
2-2-4. Threat of Substitute Products 8
2-2-5. Rivalry among Competitors 8
2-3. Value Chain Analysis 10
3-1. Redesigning…...

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