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Assessing for Improvement: College Semester Exams

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The goal of this study is to investigate the effect of assessment, test, evaluation and measurement at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe, South Africa. It also shows the reflection of written test exams in terms of quality psychological instrument, analyzing assessment data and interpretation of results. Poor education assessment may expose students to risks of unintended outcome related to university credibility.

Assessing for Improvement: College Semester Exams
Assessment is the systematic collection, review, and use of information about Educational programs undertaken for the purpose of improving learning and Development (Palomba, & Banta, 1999). Assessment generally involves measurement, testing and evaluation the terms, which are mostly confused by many people. Test or Test Instrument is a systematic procedure for measuring a sample of an individual's behavior, such as multiple-choice, performance test, open book among others (Brown, 1971). Evaluation on the other hand is a systematic process for the collection and use of information from many sources to be applied in interpreting the results and in making value judgments and decisions (Wolansky, 1985). While measurement is the process employed to obtain a quantified representation of the degree to which a learner reflects a trait or behavior. This is one of the many scores that an individual may achieve on a test (Wolansky, 1985).
In assessing any instrument or program one should not lose the sight of the fact that a test cannot be analyzed objectively on its quality, validity, reliability and objectivity without linking it to the whole educational curriculum or the instructional design. So generally, the discussion to follow is a sound and concrete flow of ideas to link the exam test features to the educational curriculum or the school instructional design and a clear demonstration of the…...

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