Attendance and Room Automation

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Theoretical Background
A.R.A (Attendance and Room Automation), as the title suggest, this project is about automation. In applying creating this project we, the proponents, aim to integrate multiple devices to produce a system that would automate a room as well as attendance checking. But what is automation? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, automation is “the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operates automatically. The theory of automation states that “there are three building blocks of automation (1) a source of power to perform action, (2) feedback controls, and (3) machine programming.” ( Power source, being a self-running device, it is necessary for it to have its own power source. The feedback control is the sensing part of the system; this will be the one that gathers the input to be processed delivers the output and will run the actuating device. Last would be the machine programming, provided by the proponents for the whole system to run.
Theoretical Framework
Each of the devices is supported by different theories which we hope we would be able to integrate. A microcontroller “is a small computer on a single IC containing a processor core, memory, and a programmable Input/Output peripheral.” ( We will be using this device as the brain of the system. We will be using the memory of the IC to encode the program and the I/O system inside the IC to retrieve data through RFID and other communication interface. Relays switches are switches which are electronically controlled. “There are only two fundamentally different operating principles: (1) electromagnetic attraction, and (2) electromagnetic induction. “( ). Wireless communication is a…...

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