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"think up to find a new idea or suggestion by thinking about it and using your imagination or intelligence. throw up 1) if something throws up new ideas. it produces them; 2) to vomit, be sick. "'tire someone out to make someonc very tired. "'toil away to work very hard for a long period of time. "trace back to manage to find someone or something by investigating what they have done in the past. track down to manage to find someone or something after a lot of effort, by searching for them. "'trawl through to read or deal with all of something when there is a lot to do and it takes a long time. tune in to listen to or watch a particular programme on thc radio or television. turn against to stop liking or supporting someone. turn away to not allow someone to enter a place. "turn back to stop when you are travelling and start going back in the direction that you came from. turn down to decide not to accept an offer or opportunity. "'turn yourself in to go to the police and admit that you arc responsible for a crime. "turn into to change and become a different type of thing or person. "turn off to make a light, machine or engine stop working, by pressing a switeh, turning a tap etc. "turn something round 1) to make a business, organisation, economy, etc. successful again after it has been unsuccessful; 2) to complete the process of making a product or providing a service.

"turn to (someone) to go to someone for advice, sympathy or help.

"turn up (intransitive) to arrive somewhere, especially when you are not expected.

"turn something up to find something by searching thoroughly for it.


"wade through to spend a lot of time reading or dealing with something that seems very long and boring. ward off to prevent something…...

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