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The transition to a new manager may cause some issues with the team. As you are probably aware, some people do not handle change well. Any issues will need to be addressed as soon as possible. For instance, certain employees may be uncomfortable with a new manager; therefore, it will be necessary for you to properly introduce yourself to the team. Team members may be apprehensive to discuss issues with you at first and that is why a respectable level of communication must be opened from the very beginning. You probably will have your own set of expectations for the team. It is very important that you discuss any changes to rules and expectations with the team, either as a group, or on an individual basis. The continuation of proper and respectable communication will be a core aspect to continued success before, during and after this transition.

It is extremely important that you get to know each individual team member’s personality and goals. You will soon realize that the team is made up of very different people. Each…...

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