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Providing employees of various companies in mainland China with professional services to employees who are experiencing personal problems that may interfere with work performance has helped establish Beijing EAPS Consulting, Inc., into their market in 2001(Jiao Li , 2011, p 50). Since then, the company has grown from six original employees to twenty employees in six years (Jiao Li, 2011, p 50). Beijing EAPS Consulting delivers a variety of options to their customers that are covered through their health insurance coverage (Jiao Li, 2011, p 50).
Due to the growth of their work force, the company has had to undergo major reorganization within its management levels and employee structure (Jiao Li, 2011, p 52). In addition to management reorganization, the company has also changed its focus from research to more business practices and making their name known throughout their market (Jiao Li, 2011, p 51).
Currently, where employees previously had one manager to report to, there are situations where there are two or more managers, depending on which project they are working on (Jiao Li, 2011, p 53). This has caused confusion as to which manager holds priority and how to manage tasks given to them by both (Jiao Li, 2011, p 53). As a result, projects are not progressing as efficiently as they should be and there is discord among both managers and employees (Jiao Li, 2011, p 53).
This paper will take an in depth look at Beijing EAPS Consulting, Inc. and examine the consequences of co-conducting project plans, as well as the points of views from department and project managers. Current strengths and weaknesses of their current model will be discussed as well as specifying which team behaviors would benefit the company at this time. Finally, safeguards and precautions will be recommended that will enable the company to run more effectively and…...

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...Beijing EAPS Consulting Inc. Founded in 2001, Beijing EAPS Consulting, Inc (BEC) started with only 6 employees. Today, the company is the largest and the first Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider in Mainland China, dedicating in improving employees’ psychological capital, relieving personal distress, helping organizations to foster a workforce with Health, Happiness, and High Performance, and enhancing organizational competitiveness and harmony by providing EAP services (“Research Initiatives,” n.d.). Companies (such as Lenovo, China Development Bank, Guangdoing Mobile, Siemens, Samsung, IBM, etc.) came to BEC to provide their employees with psychological assistance benefits in order to reduce stress, to improve employees’ relationships, to improve the work environment, and to increase job satisfaction for all employees. Because of BEC rapid growth in business and profit, it was primarily due to the company had adopted a new project management system. This approach utilizes project managers to organize with employees across different functional departments. As a result, most employees worked on multiple projects and reported to both the department and project managers. This became an issue among employees because of conflict among the managers with task assignments. Employees at times must prioritize their tasks themselves which could result in a task not getting done on time for one of the managers. Another issue within the BEC Company is collaboration......

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