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|Question 1: |
|What impact does technology have on your personal information, your daily life, and privacy? It has a huge impact as personally I |
|am going to be thinking about who is tracking my activity while I am online, using my cell-phone, shopping. There is no way to get |
|around not using technology. It makes me worry where my information is going and who is looking at it and how that information may |
|be used. Having my personal information all stored in one place make is a one-stop shop for hackers. I worried for typing this, as |
|I do not know if someone is monitoring my key strokes. |
| |
|Question 2: |
|Identify and describe at least three ways that Americans are being monitored in this video. These must be specific to the video. |
|Are these things being carried out ethically? Explain your response. Event Data Recorder (EDR)- it tracks your driving: speed, |
|braking, etc; computer- it tracks your computer activity; GPS- tracks your location; cell phone- tracks your location and your |

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