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A. In general, the food related products will include: Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Potatoes, Fish, Processed Foods, Stoves, Vegetables, various machinery, and cash registers, order monitors, ovens, wireless systems for ordering services. Products will be explained in more detail further on.
B. What will the product or service be called?
The named Baked Hut shows our customers the kind of products we export because, usually fast food eaters are accustomed to oiled foods, so as an alternative for oil, most products will indeed be baked to lessen the amount of calories. It will also affect how we advertise it because it is a short, catchy, and non-difficult name that no one will have problems pronouncing or reading. Baked Hut will export food related products that will differ from a typical fast food restaurant in various ways. In current typical North American fast food markets, restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC provide customers with food containing high amounts of calories, saturated and trans fats, sodium salt and processed sweeteners that increase your risk for chronic diseases. Baked Hut will alter this issue by providing the same idea of fast food, but instead encountering the health risks associated with regular fast food and providing customers with healthier food. The idea is for customers to gain the same pleasure of eating “fast food”, but without being conscious of how it is affecting their health. Generally, we’re looking at North American, or westernized style dining, and expand our market in New York City, located in the America. Our objective is to gain the same amount of attention and exposure, but providing healthier choices in our menu in comparison to foods in McDonald’s or Burger King. Therefore, by adding a healthy style of food, and by providing the excelling fast service you would usually see in a functioning…...

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...Billy Elliot - Film Review Running time: 111 minutes Starring: Jamie Bell, Julie Walters, Gary Lewis, Jamie Draven, Stuart Wells, Jean Hollywood ✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶ Rating 8 out of 10 Billy Elliot is a coming-of-age drama about a young son of a poor coal miner, who dreams of being a ballet dancer. Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell), main character, is an shy 11-year old boy who is living with his proud miner father (Gary Lewis) and older brother Tony (Jamie Draven) during the political and social unrest of the 1984 miner’s strike in Durham, North East England. It’s a hard time, - the men of the house is spending their days on the picket lines clashing with the police, while Billy is exploring new sides of himself and taking care of his increasingly senile grandmother (Jean Heywood). Though his dad, and brother nagging him into taking boxing classes, he manages to fall in love with the art of dancing. While his fancy footwork can’t being pointed fingers at, he simply can’t take a punch. One day at the gym, Billy notices a ballet class, which it taught by hard-bitten Mrs. Wilkinson (Julie Walters), and ends up joining the class after being dared by Mrs. Wilkinson’ young daughter. When Billy’s father learns about his son has being forsaken boxing gloves for ballet shoes, he is distraught, and bans him from taking classes. Despite his father banning him from taking classes, he can’t put his passion on hold. After accepting his son’ passion for dancing, he sets about raising money to send......

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...moving into the world. However, with self-determination and the support of others it can potentially lead to a positive outcome. Stephan Daldrys film Billy Elliot (2000) explores these notions and highlights the importance of rising above circumstances and embracing the support of others by enduring such experiences in order to succeed in the transition of moving into the world. The film reveals how individual determination and strength is often required to transition from one world to another, also exploring the idea of how transitioning into another world can be daunting and unexpected for the individual whom is making the change and that everyone's world is different and needs to be accepted. Firstly the film explores the notion of how individual determination and strength is often required to transition from one world to another, this idea is reflected throughout the 'private lessons and rising tensions' scene. In this particular scene billy and his ballet teacher Mrs Wilkinson are both equally committed, consistent and also remain perseverant regardless of the circumstances in which they find themselves. We see that Billy embraces the support of others and in turn, is on the road to potential success. As billy enters the hall, a high angle shot of him is used representing his powerless emotion. The shot reveals vulnerable billy, as he has not yet embraced the support he has been given. Also soft, mysterious music begins to play in the background, as the lights dim.......

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...relationship in the visual text Billy Elliot, is that between Billy and his father Jackie. Their relationship is a complete exemplification to the idea of gender role stereotypes. With Jackie being a typical hard man who sees no prospect outside of the mining industry, and Billy, who possesses a great deal of talent toward the deeply taboo art of ballet, the conflict of gender role expectations is amplified. Because of Jackie and Billy's relationship, the viewer can therefore understand the fact that Billy faces a major challenge, as far as gender roles are concerned, if he chooses to pursue a life of Ballet. Jackie gives powerful illustration to the stereotypical psyche of male roles in society. His identity as a miner of North England during the miners' strike and ex-champion boxer already reverberates the fact that he holds very traditionalistic male values. He literally cannot perceive life outside of the mining industry "Why would I want to go to London? There are no mines in London" In effect, when Jackie sees his son Billy in dancing school behind his back for the first time, there is major repercussion, "You, out, now!" He then drags Billy back home and informs him that "Lads do football... or boxing... or wrestling, Not friggin' ballet", expressing his views of gender role. Billy then questions him "I don't see what's wrong with it", to which Jackie replies "You know quite nicely what's wrong with it" Jackie expects his son Billy to realize the fact that......

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...Billy Elliot Analysis template |Description of scene: Opening scene: Mood, direction of plot and characterisation is established. | |Scene numbers: One, two, three | |Link to Into the World focus: Billy’s natural world is established | |Action |Film techniques used |Meaning conveyed | |Billy puts record onto record player. He |Extreme close up. There is no sound. |There is a sense of anticipation. The | |begins playing the song. |Costume: Billy is dressed simply, |audience is waiting for something to happen| |( to 1 min; 14 secs) |predominately in a bright yellow singlet. |and wondering what it will be. | | |The singlet symbolises both childhood | | | |(children wear singlets) and his working | | | |class background (‘working class’ men | | | |stereotypically wear singlets). It is also | ...

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