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Week 3 Assignment
Organizational Ethnics

The company Granite and Marble Warehouse is a place of business where we sell Marble, Granite, Quartz, Tile, and so much more. The company is a very good company, because most of our products that we sell is very interesting which we find most of the products a wall of art. The company is a new business, which have been in business since 2007, which their advertising for the company is by word of mouth. The stones that we carry are all natural which comes from all over the world for individuals to choose color and style of Granite and Marble which could be regular Granite and or Exotic Granite and Marble which is more expensive than others. Ethical principles are principles that I haven’t seen, because the company itself is very lenient when it comes to information about the job. The ethical principles that I do believe should be in place are to treat every employee the same, and not discriminate against one another. Another ethical problem that I have noticed here at my job is that the company don’t treat customers fairly like they are supposed to. The reason I feel this way is, because every day we are working with so many customers, and when those customers come in to choose Granite or Marble, I think that it’s very unethical for customers to get different prices depending on how big their kitchen or vanity, which will give them their price. Another unethical issue that I seem to discover is not being honest, when honesty is needed throughout the company. Honesty plays a big role in any company, and if the mangers and leaders are not being honest then how does the company expect for the company to grow with understanding of the company rules etc. External social pressures are good citizenship, and honest business practices. The Granite and Marble Company that I currently work for, barely uses social…...

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