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Introduction to 8085
 It was introduced in 1977.
 It is 8-bit microprocessor.
 Its actual name is 8085 A.

INTEL 8085

 It is single NMOS device.
 It contains 6200

transistors approx.
 Its dimensions are

GURSHARAN SINGH TATLA 164 mm x 222 mm.
 It is having 40 pins Dual-

Inline-Package (DIP).

Gursharan Singh Tatla


Gursharan Singh Tatla Introduction to 8085

Introduction to 8085

It has three advanced versions: 

The advanced versions consume 20% less power supply. 

The clock frequencies of
8085 are:

◦ 8085 AH
◦ 8085 AH2
◦ 8085 AH1

These advanced versions are designed using HMOS technology. ◦ 8085 A

3 MHz
3 MHz
5 MHz
6 MHz

◦ 8085 AH
◦ 8085 AH2
◦ 8085 AH1


Gursharan Singh Tatla


Gursharan Singh Tatla

Three Units of 8085

Block Diagram of 8085


Instruction Unit


Processing Unit

Storage and Interface Unit

Gursharan Singh Tatla



Processing Unit

Instruction Unit

Instruction Register


Instruction Decoder

Status Flags

Timing and Control Unit


Arithmetic and Logic Unit

Temporary Register

Gursharan Singh Tatla


Gursharan Singh Tatla Storage and Interface Unit

Three Other Units

General Purpose Registers

Interrupt Controller

Stack Pointer

Serial I/O Controller

Program Counter

Power Supply

Increment/Decrement Register

Address Latch


Address/Data Latch

Gursharan Singh Tatla


Gursharan Singh Tatla…...

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