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As we know, the branding business models developed by Bikram Choudhury, and Tara Stiles are both successful. All of them have big group of follower. However, I think the “Hot Yoga”, which Bikram developed, is more sustainable and will be more popular than the Tara’s “free style” Yoga because of several reasons. Yoga is a religious exercise. It started to enter American in the mid-19th century. But, America is a predominantly Christian country. How can an activity with different religion be successful? For example, the Yoga style developed by Bikram has been widely accepted by Americans and the people all over the world now. As far as I am concerned, the reason why his Yoga style is successful is not because of the religion, but for its health properties, and its special exercise mode.
People pay a lot more attention to the health recently. People try to find ways to keep their body healthy and strong to live in this competitive and stressful society. A lot of people hope to control their weigh especially women. Bikram’sYoga is precisely what they are looking for. Bikram stated that people can stretch their body easier and deeper in a hot circumstance. Also, in the temperature between 100 and 105 people can sweat more, which is a good way to consume more fat and cholesterol. While, Tara’s yoga style could not provide people such an efficient way to lose weight. This is the reason why Bikram’s branding strategy is more successful and can get more customers.
Even though the price for the hot Yoga studio is pretty high, but the professional and efficient yoga exercise can still let the Bikram’s Yoga get more market share. As I said, female is the main target market, and women is playing an important role in the society now. There are19,015,900 people in New York City, and almost half of them are women. Besides, the percent of women in the Labor Force is 58.9%…...

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