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Date: Jan 1, 2013
Subject: Re: Application for position at Department of Regional Development
Dear Ms A Person
The Business Edge Program at ECU aids in the development of employability skills to prepare graduates for entering the workplace upon completion of their degree. The skills developed are an advantage to been successful in our careers but also teach us the skills to deal with the situations we face in our everyday lives. This is a first of its kind with ECU the first university to teach this in a specially designed program which has been incorporated into the Bachelor of Business Degree. As the current economy is very tight so too is employment making it very hard for graduates who have just finished their degree to enter into the workforce as they are lacking employability skills which many employers list as essential.
The program consists of 4 units within the Bachelor of Business Degree which are BES1100 Foundations of Business Knowledge, BES1200 Business Knowledge Development, BES2100 Foundations of Business Leadership & BES3100 Business Career Development (ECU Business Edge Units (Business Edge Program), n.d.) The units are developed to cover employability skills such as working effectively with others, communicating effectively, self awareness, thinking critically, analysing data and using technology, problem solving, developing initiative and enterprise, self management, social responsibility and accountability and developing professionalism. (About (Business Edge Program), n.d.) These skills are important in the workplace and are valued by employers as they are more beneficial to the company than just discipline specific knowledge alone. Having these skills enables you to be a more effective employee who is able to deal with problems that arise in the work place with the most…...

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