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January 27, 2013
Mr. James Weaver, Chief Executive Officer
Gold's Gym International
125 E. John Carpenter FWY, Suite 1300
Irving, TX 75062, United States

Dear Mr. James Weaver:


Gold’s Gym International has been credited as one of the best performing companies in the fitness industry. The company has been able to cope well with changing trends, while remaining competitive. However, due to an increase in the number of fitness clubs, it is currently faced with a lot of competition. In response to this competition, Gold’s Gym International has opened new facilities in various locations, and has also renovated existing gyms to provide its members with cutting-edge equipment and a better environment. I believe that this is a critical time for you and for the company in order to continue to enjoy long-lasting success well into the future.
On behalf of Sage Consultants, I have done some research and found various ways that the company can improve its performance through innovation and adapt to the changing market. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this report.

Lead Consultant
Current Situation

Gold’s Gym International (Gold’s) is an international fitness company that was established by Joe Gold in 1965, and has evolved to become one of the largest in its industry. The company focuses on offering body building and fitness services to both men and women, and currently has a worldwide subscription of over four million people. The company has established centers in different countries across the globe, and has seen its subscription rate increase daily as people develop a greater interest in maintaining their health and fitness. Each of its centers is equipped with exercise…...

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