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Multiple Choice: 1. A basic computer network can be described as: A. a minimum of five computers linked together. B. a number of palmtop computers. C. two or more computers that are linked together. D. the use of satellites linking computers together. Answer: C 2. Reference: Basic Network Anatomy Difficulty: Easy

The three essential components of every computer system include all of the following EXCEPT: A. software. B. hardware. C. people. D. cables.

Answer: D 3.

Reference: Basic Network Anatomy

Difficulty: Easy

All of the following are advantages of using a computer network EXCEPT that it: A. reduces costs when hardware is shared. B. promotes independence so users have exclusive control over their own data and applications. C. saves money when software is shared. D. enables data sharing, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Answer: B

Reference: Basic Network Anatomy

Difficulty: Easy

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Chapter 8: Networking and Digital Communication


All of the following statements are true EXCEPT: A. Wireless networks are convenient. B. Wireless networks are generally slower than wired LANs. C. Wireless networks use radio transmitters. D. Wireless networks are generally faster than wired networks.

Answer: D 5.

Reference: Networks Near and Far

Difficulty: Moderate

A(n) ____________ broadcasts messages to all devices connected to a LAN. A. switch B. port C. hub D. node

Answer: C 6.

Reference: Networks Near and Far

Difficulty: Moderate

In a local area network, a ____________ only transmits data to the destination node. A. switch B. port C. hub D. router

Answer: A 7.

Reference: Networks Near and Far

Difficulty: Moderate

LAN stands for: A. local area nodes. B. logical arrangement of networks. C. local area…...

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