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Pets are Good For you N.Antwi
Continuous intensive care; the never ending visits to the vets and the trails of fur. These are the things that string to mind when your child’s first words are “mummy I want a pet”. Glaring at you with their innocent face and their puppy doll eyes, knowing that if you said NO there would be limitless amounts shredded tears for a weeks on end. So the best thing to do is to find a pet that not only suits your needs but their needs as well.
It is a scary thought to think that twenty per cent of children aged six to eleven are obese. This is down to lack of physical activity. I mean I find this absolutely absurd- don’t you? I remember when I was an energetic ten year old, always running round the house making a nuisance out of myself – that's the way youngsters should be. Nowadays a lot of ten year olds have the routine of eat… computer…sleep…eat…computer…sleep. A wired – head Fox Terrier would be the perfect solution. Its lively, playful and feisty – what more could you want? It can engage in any kind of sport that suits you and your childs preferences. Also it's a family dog that can change your whole perspective of life. It's a win win situation!

A pet can be good for your well- being. Its been shown that people who acquired dogs reported the most increase in health. Believe in or not my grandfather who is pushing Eighty now had accidently mistaken him for my father. It was extremely embarrassing but I just look back on it and laugh. Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that for all you old folks out there who want to still fill young, going on regular walks with your pets will definitely be worth your while. Pets are good for you, whatever your age!

At some point in our lives, we all go through relationship crisis’s. I think it was about a year ago now when my sister was constantly on the…...

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