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When someone has work or school from the moment they wake until the moment they fall asleep, it is hard to find time to do the things in life that they enjoy. Trying to juggle school, work, homework, and the daily chores that consist of my house is beyond a tedious workload. Before chaos stepped into my life, I would take trips a couple hours away to take my four dogs to the dog park so they could socialize and get some of their energy out of their systems. My yard is not the best thing in the world or the largest, so that made it possible to help them have fun. Even a simple trip to the theatre or the nail salon seems to be a distant reality seeing as my days are planned for every day of the week. I can barely make the time to make dinner every night due to my schedule being overcrowded. When I awake every morning, I look at my phone to just to make myself remember the day of the week and my itinerary for that day. If I did not have to work for a week, though I would even settle for a weekend, I could see myself taking a weekend vacation out of town to enjoy some country scenery. I would probably even be able to make dinner for a night and have time to sit down in my recliner and watch a movie from a video store. My friends, who seem to think I have deserted them, would see that I have time to spend with them. I don’t know what it would be like to sleep in, but I would not stop myself from trying it out for a change in pace. Between star gazing, horseback riding, boating, fishing, or running around a park with my dogs would be an ideal way to spend any extra time I can acquire. I would even be able to spend more time with my aging grandmother, who taught me so much while growing up. It is all a bit extreme to think I will have time to do anything extra until summer rolls around again.

Many do not consider what they say to have any significant…...

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