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Fatou Ceesay
Senior Consultant
Deloitte Consulting LLP
Mobile: +1 918 809 7378
Tel: +1 214 840 1066

Summary of Experience and Qualifications
Over one year of Consulting experiece Primarily in the Financial Services Industry in the area of Mortgage Banking, and in the Retail Industry in the are of Finance Transformation – Close Consolidation for one of the largest retailer in the world. Prior to which, I have had nine years of combined industry and public accounting experience. Prior industry experience includes six years in Financial Services in areas of Consumer Banking and Wealth Management. Public accounting experience in audit in variety of industries, including Financial Services, Health Care and Not-For-Profit. Excellent work ethic detailed oriented, positive attitude, client service oriented, quick learner and self-motivated.

Deloitte Experience

Industry: Financial Services – Banking: Consulting
Service Line: Finance
Senior Consultant; October 2012 to Current.
2,652 Billion (Assets) Global Financial Services Corporation.
Deloitte was hired to help one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations divest and outsource the servicing of a $50 billion loan portfolio. Deloitte help identify and create all relevant documents and contract content required and necessary for the transaction.

Role: Responsible for: Gethering information, creating data and developing content for key contract exhibits. Organized and held meetings with key Senior Management of the Organization. Worked closely with key Consumer Lending management and Legal to ensure complete and accurate completion of contract exhibit. In addition, gathered high level business requirements and reviewed with responsible stakeholders for proper approval.

Industry: Retail Service Area: Consulting
Service Line: Finance
Senior Consultant;…...

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