Challenges Single Moms Face

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Challenges Single Moms Face
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The purpose of this paper is to inform our society of the significant challenges single mom face. Raising children in this era is a very difficult task for couples and it brings greater challenges when is done by a single parent. This paper explores the emotional, psychological and financial aspect of raising children as a single mom as well as the main reasons why. It will review the causes and consequences in which it affects children, parents and entire families. There is data that has been collected where it indicates the reasons why there has been an increase and the impact that it has on children and adolescents. There are ways single moms overcome challenges.

II. Introduction to Challenges Single Mom Face
According to DeBell( 2008), about half of American children will spend part of their childhood in a single- parent family. DeBell stated that the absence of a father in a child’s home, the most consequential trend of our time, leads to social disaster(Pg. 427). Goldenberg (2008), states that a dysfunctional family, by definition, has failed to fulfill its purpose of nurturing the growth of its members. Single-parent families are more common in today’s society and are usually referred to as a broken home or dysfunctional families. Single-parent families have doubled since 1970 and are rapidly increasing. According the U.S. Census Bureau, around 30% of American families are headed by only one parent. There are 22 million children that live with a single parent—83% of those parents are moms.
III. Types of Challenges Faced by Single Mom a- Emotional &…...

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Challenges Single Moms Face

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