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Lickona (1991) emphasizes that modeling and relationship are the catalysts to students desiring to learn, and desiring to be role models themselves. I completely agree with this, and I had a teacher who set this precedent for me early in life. She was my kindergarten teacher. She modeled everything she taught us. She made us feel safe through her careful correction that always felt more like she was holding us as she was training us. She was full of encouragement that was specific, and she created an atmosphere that made us feel like it was natural to accept each other, no matter what our differences. For example, we had a boy named Marcel in our class. He was handicapped, and severely vision impaired. He wore special glasses that had telescopes, and he drooled. I honestly can’t remember how she did it, but I do know she managed to help us see him as a part of us, and someone that we needed to take care of. It stayed like that all the way through school, just because of her influence. In all these actions, she was a model, mentor, and a caregiver.

The teacher can meet students' needs by modeling a concerned attitude for the well-being of students and by creating a caring environment where students feel valued and appreciated (Jones, 2005). My teacher in fourth grade was the epitome of this standard. As a male teacher, he had a unique influence on all of us. He was strong, and expected a lot, but he always came along side us, and corrected us while showing us how to improve. He was then quick to praise and make us feel like we just really accomplished something. Students always felt special in his class, and it made them want to do just about anything for him. Incidentally, he was still teaching at the school when my youngest son went there, and my son had the same experience with him. For the boys, he was a wonderful role model of strength, caring,…...

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