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Introduction The biological point of view It starts with children Getting parents involved with food choices Parents can lead by example But is it that easy? Let’s think about society as a whole

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Solving the Problem of Obesity – Not So Simple?
Obesity is without a doubt a growing problem in Australia. Reported data shows that in 2001 an estimated 2.4 million Australian adults were obese—16% of men and 17% of women aged 18 years and over. A further 4.9 million Australian adults were estimated to be overweight but not obese—42% of men and 25% of women aged 18 years and over. (AIHW 2003). According to the World Health Organisation (2007) these rates are still rising. It is well known that there is a link between overweight and obesity and physical illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, sleep disorders and stroke. Obesity can also affect people psychologically affecting their self esteem, even their ability to socialise or work. Consequently this is a problem that should be addressed comprehensively as soon as possible.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that a thorough sociological approach to the problem of obesity is needed, rather than one-dimensional answers that do not address all the issues affecting the rise of obesity in Australia and throughout the rest of the world.

The Biological Point of View Some interesting points of view were raised in a recent article in Sydney’s Sun Herald (Marriner, 2011). This article outlines different approaches to reducing obesity levels in Australia, in particular focusing on the cost to the tax payer due to the treatment of diseases related to obesity. The article does make mention that some health professionals believe the solution lies in environmental and societal change. For an alternative outlook, the article also expresses views of other medical peers who…...

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...Childhood Obesity When a child is above normal weight for his or her age, a child can be considered obese. According to The Center of Disease control one of seven children is obese (CDC, 2010). Children who have an obesity problem suffer from being rejected and teased at school by other children. Obesity contributes to physical and psychological issues in children; there are several causes leading to child hood obesity. One of the causes of childhood obesity is the lack of exercise. Children rather stay at home and play videogames instead of going outside and exercise. Because technology has advanced so much, T.V. has become a priority in a child’s life. Sports and outdoor games are not an option for children any more, when they can just stay home and watch their favorite show on T.V. show or even play video games that stimulate their mind. The use of electronic devices in children such as using the computer, watching T.V. and playing video games has influenced children to leave outdoor activities. Children are not thinking about their looks or staying healthy, they are becoming sedentary because all the technology that they can use to keep them occupied. Eating too much causes childhood obesity. Children who stay at home get bored and start snacking much more, most of the time these snacks are high in calories and sugar. Marketing has been in charge of advertising all the bad snacks and food that children want. Junk food targeting these children makes childhood......

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...Obesity Child Obesity Eng122 Hope Umansky January 23, 2012 Child Obesity There are many diseases that could attack our younger generation. Some of these diseases we can control and some we cannot. Child obesity has become a large issue in the United States. According to statistics, “between 5 to 25 percent of children and teenagers in the United States are obese” (Dietz, 1983, p. 676). More and more of our children are being faced with obesity every day. They are starting to call it a public health threat. “The increasing prevalence of childhood obesity through the United States has led policy makers to rank it a critical health threat for the 21st century.” (Koplan and Dietz, 1999; Modkdad et al., 1999, 2000; DHHS, 2001) We need to learn how to fight this disease. There are many ways that we can prevent this disease if we can accept the causes. Everyone has their own ideas of what the cause of this awful disease is but for me I think if adults of this world understood it there would be a mass deduction in child obesity. If we continue to let our children make their own health decision than our children will not only be obesity but they will start to have other health problems too. Just think about what would happen if we could control how children ate, exercised and understood their genetic. We can sit back and claim that the children are to blame for being obesity but they are not the one to hold all the blame. Children need to eat healthy meals every day. Adults......

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...Childhood Obesity In today's society childhood obesity is considered to be an epidemic. The increase in obesity is not caused by the change in the gene pool, but rather by the change in the environment. This causes vulnerable populations to express the obesity phenotype (Stune, 1999). One in seven children ages 6-17 are considered to be obese. Most nutritionists will say that this is do to the lack of parental guidance. A child's parents should teach their child proper eating habits so that they won't run across problems in the future (Tomlin, 1999). According to the article Facts about childhood Obesity and Overweightness, obese children are statistically not active, and their diets are high in fats and low in energy foods, like carbohydrates . Most doctors will calculate a child's body mass index (BMI), to figure out just how overweight a child is. If a child's BMI is over 30, they are considered obese. In order to calculate one's BMI, you would divide the your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters (Mokdad, 1999). What causes obesity? Weight gain among children is likely due to a combination of factors including: poor dietary habits, genetic makeup, family lifestyle, socioeconomic status, and a child's ethnicity. Obesity is more prevalent among Hispanic, African-American and American Indian children, particularly girls ( 1997). Overweight children are not necessarily overeaters. Unfortunately, much of the food......

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...Thesis: Child obesity is not essentially a reflection of parental negligence. There has been an increase in prevalence of severe childhood obesity and its associated comorbidities. Children became obese through an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. Obesity has a substantial adverse effect on a child’s welfare. It brings about both immediate and deferred psychosocial and medical health problems that affect several organs in the body. Some of the consumables that cause obesity are out of parents’ control. Products can modestly be advertised as healthy by using phrases such as 'honest food' and 'reduced fat’ while in reality they are far from that. It may be very easy for parents to fall into traps and buy such products hoping that its fat content is high. If the consumables cause obesity to the child, it will not be because of the parent ignorance but because of the unethical nature of corporations, mass media and consumer protection agencies (Hedley, 2004). Businesses should portray a sincere understanding of a healthy diet. Most parents provide healthy foods for their kids especially when they are with them (Abdulrahman, 2011). However, most children spend a greater portion of their childhood away from the parents either with friends or in school. The friends or classmates may eat junk and since most children are not independent to make their own unique decisions and also due to mob psychology, the child might decide to take the fatty foods too. Children are also......

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...Childhood Obesity Sharon Robinson The global growth of obesity throughout the world has developed poor health, social, and economic concerns for parents, physicians, and educators. This particular problem rate has not only increased with adults, but amongst children as well in the United States (Frerichs, Araz, & Huang, 2013 ). According to Devi (2008), there are approximately 15% of children and adolescents in the US who meet the principle standards required to be considered obese. There have been several research studies conducted to improve the understanding of dynamics for childhood obesity. These study results identified many attributes that contribute to children being overweight or obese. These factors consist of the inactivity of children, technology, genetics, peer pressure, parent values, attitudes or beliefs (Frerichs, Araz, & Huang. 2013). Research has also identified a combination of key techniques that parents, educators, and physicians can use toward effective intervention for childhood obesity. These factors include nutritional support and physical activity (Frerichs, Araz, & Huang. 2013). Research has also identified a combination of key steps that parents and educators can utilize toward creating an effective intervention for childhood obesity. These factors include proper nutritional planning support from details, physicians, and appropriate physical activity. ...

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...Social Problem of Child Obesity Name Instructor Institution Date Social Problem of Child Obesity Childhood obesity is a health related condition characterized by the child having excess body fat. The excess fat negatively affects the health of the child and predisposes a child to other health related conditions. Obesity in children has been on the rise in the recent times due to different reasons. According to Macionis children who are overweight are approximately one-fifth of the population. In the United States, the condition has almost quadrupled from 7% in the 80s to 18% in recent years. According to findings by CDC 1 in every 8 children in preschool is obese. Conventionally the condition was caused by over-eating but continued sociological inquiry reveals there are other causes. Changing lifestyles patterns are a major contributor towards this increase. The condition is not very easy to diagnose as there no direct methods to determine body fat. The condition has several distinguishing signs and can be prevented by use of various methods (2003). According Macionis personal health is not solely a matter of personal choice or a biological issue but patterns of health and illness stem from the organization of a society (Macionis 2003). This implies that the conditions are dependent on many factors that are social in nature. Obesity may result due to genetic interplay with the environment such as polymorphisms in human genes which control metabolism and appetite....

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... What are some effects of child obesity? Child obesity has become an epidemic problem that is affecting the whole world. In the U.S, obesity has caused children many health problems and conditions. Some of the health problems that obesity causes are diabetes, asthma and heart diseases. These complications can be caused by a series of factors that can be contributed by TV, computer games, lack of safe playgrounds and other factors that encourage children to be sedentary (Collins, 2002). From the factors mentioned before, the things that are attacking the kids of this generation are mainly the video and computer games. In addition to affecting the health of the kids it is also affecting the economy. Because the costs of health insurance premiums are going up, companies refuse to pay for such services. In addition child obesity is an issue that in most cases begins in the household. Justification: Studies show the impact that child obesity has caused in society. (CBS News, 2002) declared “A dramatic increase in diabetes and other diseases related to childhood obesity in the United States has added millions of dollars to health care cost”. From that article it is clear that child obesity is causing a tremendous problem to the economy, thus making it insufficient. The cost of medicine, treatments and operation is the reason why it is causing and contributing to the economical problems. Obesity has been a major cause for......

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