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Project Management Questions Paper
Otha Hayes
September 24, 2013
David Frost

What is meant by an integrative project management process and why is this so important? What are the pitfalls if such an approach is not taken?

Integrated Project management is the fusion of scheduling, resourcing, costing,

Earned value, accounting, performance measurement, and risk attributes of a project.

The pitfalls of not taking this approach is, without using this type of approach your

project will not be properly planned and fail to meet project goals, as well as project

deadlines. Integrated project management is necessary for any project to be

successful. More than anything, the integrative project management process is a state

of mind for completing your project.

What are some of the characteristics that differentiate projects from other functions carried out in the daily operations of an organization? List some examples of work considered to be a project and work not considered to be a project.

One of the most important steps in differentiating a project from other functions of daily

operations, is that you need to first establish the objective that you are trying to meet. You must

then set a plan to establish how long the project will take to complete, and well as which

personnel and departments that will be involved. If a project is the first of its kind, and has never

been done before, it will obviously differentiate from what has been done in the past. The

performance requirements, and cost should also be specified at the beginning of each project. An

example of a project is preparing a group presentation or even a single person school

presentation. The paper that I am submitting now, can be considered a project. Doing everyday

life things…...

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