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Communication failure happens more often than a person would believe it does. Most of the time it is due from not listening or interrupting what the person is trying to relay to another person. When this happens many times it will cause an argument or a disappointment from one of the parties involved in the communication failure. Many of these communication failures could be prevented by using better listening skills. Many times when a person believes he or she is listening, most of the time the person is day dreaming or thinking about something else than what the person is actually trying to say. A person listening might not be paying attention to non verbal cues, which would help portray the message better.

In this video a married man and women are trying to celebrate their anniversary. The husband comes home with a some beautiful jewelry for his wife, and the wife is ecstatic. When the wife tries to give her husband her gift that she got him he misinterpreted it, and that is where the communication failure begun. There were several cues that went wrong in this video. One cue is before she brought out the baby sitter the wife was telling her husband that she has been saving up for this for awhile now, and she is really excited that she can finally give her husband what he wants. She then explains to him about how their sex life has went down hill ever since they had kids. After all this building up and she brings out the baby sitter, and the husband believes that his wife bought him a hooker to have a threesome. There were also misleading non verbal cues in this video. When the wife told the baby sitter to come out, the baby sitter had a sexier than normal outfit on with her belly showing and low cut jeans. The wife did not realize that her husband was thinking in a totally different way than what she was thinking. The listening habits of both…...

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