Comparative of Woman's Roles Through Out the Centuries

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Comparative of Woman’s Roles throughout the centuries

On November 4, 2008, President Obama was elected as the first African America President of the United States of America. This was a Mile stone in American history. In 1865, the country lost our sixteenth President, Mr Lincoln who was assassinated. Often times it is stated that President Obama and President Lincoln are similar in many ways, may it be their speaking abilities, their campaign strategies and their political issues facing the nation during their term in office.
The wives of these two men marked their place in history and progress forward the roles of women during their husband’s time in office. Michelle Obama represents the now and Mary Todd Lincoln represents the past which characterize how women roles as the first lady have changed dramatically. In the 20th century there is the first African American “first lady” in the white house. Her presence in the Whitehouse has changed the traditional landscape of what is the norm for society.
The role of the first ladies present and past centuries continues to illustrate how imperative it is for them to identify and engage in the needs of the people. Michelle Obama and Mary Lincoln possess the ability to influence and captivate target groups for support. These women exhibit the ability to balance career, family, and support their spouses.
Michelle was born in Chicago, Illinois, born to Marian and Fraser Robinson. Her parents were working class people who lived in a one bed room apartment. To provide their daughter with privacy, they converted some of their living room space into Michelle’s bedroom by using a divider. This determined young lady attended public school and graduated from a magnet high school on the south side of the city. She continued her education at Princeton University and Harvard Law School.
Mary Todd Lincoln was born in…...

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