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A Comparative Analysis Of National and Regional Quality Awards by Robert J. Vokurka, Gary L. Stading and Jason Brazeal



1980s. Due to successful Japanese efforts, U.S. industries began to discover the competitive advantages that quality could bring and how the lack of a quality system could bring an end to business. With customers demanding quality and competitors responding to such demands, businesses turned to total quality management (TQM) as the key to enhance overall performance. As customer expectations increased and performance improvement initiatives were implemented, quality evolved from a product specific focus to an organizationwide effort, from a separate manufacturing function to a strategic business initiative. The quality function was expanding, and with that came new practices concerning continuous improvement. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, several countries established programs to recognize the inventive, yet effective, quality practices taking place—once again, after Japan, which began honoring quality practices in the 1950s. The criteria of most of these award programs encouraged strategic initiatives in the approach and deployment of quality practices. But as with most successful quality initiatives, the award programs underwent continuous improvements in design and administration. In their pursuit of TQM, organizations around the world began turning to quality award programs for more than just the recognition such programs offered. Industries realized that the awards also offered models and tools for implementing a quality strateQU A L I T Y P R O G R E S S



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gy, benchmarking best practices,…...

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