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Written Exercise Unit 2 Assignment 5
Completion Exercises
Find the word or phrase that completes each of the following statements. All these questions refer to Internet, e-mail, and networking. 1. E-mail is short for ________________________ | 1. electronic mail | 2. How long does it take for an e-mail message to arrive in the recipients inbox? | 2. within seconds or minutes | 3. In order to use e-mail you must have an Internet connection, an e-mail program, and ________________________ | 3. e‑mail address | 4. Name two free e-mail services. | 4. yahoo and gmail | 5. The e-mail messages you have just received are in your __________ | 5. inbox | 6. Sequences of keyboard characters that symbolize facial expressions are called __________________________ | 6. emoticons | 7. Another name for junk e-mail is __________________ | 7. spam | 8. Using caution in giving out your e-mail address, checking a site’s privacy statement before giving your address and never replying to junk e-mail messages will _______________________ | 8. help prevent junk e‑mail | 9. Computer criminals who attack other people’s computers are called ________________________ | 9. hackers | 10. A small program that can help prevent hackers and malicious software from gaining access to your computer is called a(n) _________________ | 10. Firewall | 11. A small program that can help protect your computer viruses, worms, and other security threats is called ______________ | 11. Virus protection | 12. _____________________ can help protect your computer from spyware and other potentially unwanted software. | 12. Spyware |

13. ______________________ is a program that can routinely check for new features of Windows and install them. | 13. Windows Update | 14. Trojan Horse is the name of a computer _________________ | 14. program | 15. AntiVirus…...

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