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Troubleshooting the Network Interface Card

* Check the cable connectors and cable. It should be 343 feet or less and contain a correct (8 pin) cable connector

* Check to ensure that you are plugged into the correct NIC jack. An RJ45 will not fit into an RJ11 but an RJ11 (6 pin) will fit into an RJ45 (8 Pin) receptacle. It will be a loose fit. The RJ45 is for your network interface card .RJ11 is your modem.

* Are the link lights on?

* Recycle the modem hub/router. If you are running a cable modem or a DSL then you will have a separate hub or router. Disconnect the power for at least 20 seconds and then restart.

* Check for error messages meaning wrong username or password then contact your ISP for the connect account settings. Check to ensure that you’re ISP did not disconnect you.

* Check error messages in the Event Viewer. Start/Settings/Control Panel/.Administrative Tools/Computer Management.

* Ping this will test to ensure that your TCP/IP software is working correctly.

* Ping n.n.n.n. this will test to ensure that your NIC card is working correctly. If it is not then reseat the NIC card. If problem persist and you cannot Ping the NIC card then the card is bad. * Perform an IPCONIG/RELEASE and then a IPCONFIG/RENEW in DOS to release the current IP settings and then re-assign the IP settings

* Perform a Tracert to see if it will hop across the NIC.

* Perform a Route Print and view the IP Settings. There should be 7 entries.

* If the IP address works but the DNS does not work the re-install WinSocks (the DNS lookup software)

* Reset the BIOS (Re-boot and tap the F2 Key, Press F9 (Default Settings), Press F10 (Save and Exit)

* Uninstall and replace the drivers using Device Manager under Administrator Privileges – right click My Computer/…...

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