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NT1110: Module 5 Computer Operation and Security
Lab 5.1 Understanding BIOS, POST, and Security Basics In this lab, you will demonstrate your ability to fix issues related to BIOS/POST and secure the computer from viruses and Trojans. Required Setup and Tools
A computer with access to the Internet
Recommended Procedures

Task 1: Understanding BIOS and POST A user boots his or her computer and hears a sequence of six beeps. The computer uses AMI BIOS. What error is indicated by the six beeps? A different user with a computer using Phoenix BIOS hears a sequence of beeps with pauses in between. The sequence is beep - pause - beep beep beep - pause - beep beep beep beep- pause - beep beep beep. What error is indicated by this beep sequence?

Task 2: Basic Security Firewalls may be hardware devices or software programs. Hardware firewalls protect an entire network. Software firewalls protect a single computer. Research the Internet for an example of each of these types of firewalls and compare their features. Linksys and Cisco make firewall/routers for home use. The Zone labs are an example of a software firewall.

Submission Requirements: Include a references page citing the resources you used from the textbook, ITT Tech Virtual Library, and credible websites to substantiate your answers. All citations should be in APA format. Refer to ITT Tech Virtual Library> Research Help> Research Guides> Grammar, Writing & Style> APA Formatting and Style Guide for help in APA formatting. Your report should be two- to four-page long. Include a header containing your name and the date on each page. Name the document NT1110_StudentName_Module5_Lab.doc, replacing StudentName with your name. Use Arial 12-point font and double-line spacing. Evaluation Criteria: The Lab rubric will be used to evaluate this assessment.


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...CHAPTER 1 Programs that make a computer useful for everyday tasks are known as ___. Application Software ****** Which of the following is not an example of operating system software? Microsoft Word ****** What function(s) does an interpreter perform with the instructions in a high-level programming language? Translates and Execute ****** The term used for a set of rules that must be strictly followed when writing a program is: Syntax ****** ____ was the first high-level programming language designed that could perform complex mathematical calculations. FORTRAN ****** Which computer language uses short words known as mnemonics for writing programs? Assembly ****** The process known as the ____ cycle is used by the CPU to execute instructions in a program. Fetch-decode-execute ****** Which of the following is not a microprocessor manufacturing company? Dell ****** The following is an example of an instruction written in which computer language? 10110000 Machine language ****** What is the encoding technique called that is used to store negative numbers in the computer’s memory? Twos complement ****** The ______ coding scheme contains a set of 128 numeric codes that are used to represent characters in a computer's memory. ASCII ****** What is the largest value that can be stored in one byte? 255 ****** The smallest storage location in a computer’s memory is known as a ______. bit ****** The disk drive is a secondary storage device that......

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