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When the Qin Dynasty came to power around 221 BCE, it found itself presiding over a land where the traditions and teachings of Confucius had been scattering for almost 300 years. Qin tried to rule China using a new philosophy called Legalism. Every philosophy has its own distinct laws and beliefs. These two philosophies are completely diverse and bring something different to the people of China. Confucianism was a social and ethical philosophy while Legalism encouraged a strong central government with complete power. Confucianism was a more superior form of government because it stressed personal honor by practicing with honest, honorable, kind leaders that existed for the benefit of the people, excluded violence to get results and implemented the importance of family.
Confucianism leaders were led to have kindness for their followers. “Rulers should also be humble and sincere, for people will grow rebellious under hypocrisy or arrogance. Nor should rulers be greedy; Confucius warned against a profit motive in leadership, stressing that true happiness rested in doing good for all, not individual gain.” The Legalism government on the other hand, expected the people to serve them. In the Legalist government, nothing comes before the government. The Legalist government wanted to be feared. “If heavy penalties are clear and if the people are always well disciplined and then if men are engaged in case of emergency, the superior will have all the advantage.” With honorable, honest leaders, a reliable and rigorous political life would inevitably follow for the Confucianism people.
It was important for the Confucian government to lead by example with their honorable, honest morals. “Rulers should also be humble and sincere, for people will grow rebellious under hypocrisy or arrogance.” They believed that by leading by a good example, people would follow and want to be…...

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