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Book Review I read the NBA: Rookie Experience by Mike Monroe, this book was non-fiction. I enjoy basketball but, I don’t enjoy reading and when I read about basketball it got me more interested in the NBA and basketball. I liked learning about retired and older players such as Tim Duncan, Chris Anstey, Jacque Vaughn, Bobby Jackson, and Tracy McGrady. Learning about Tim Duncan, Chris Anstey, Jacque Vaughn, Bobby Jackson, and Tracy McGrady got me more interested in learning about the history of basketball. This book is about the rookie experience that rookies go through and the challenges they have to face throughout there rookie years. I liked this book because I know how tired and beat down an athlete can get towards the end of the season. I would recommend this book to teen athletes. I would not recommend it to people who are not interested in sports. The intended audience is basketball players and young athletes. This story also talks about how fast you can get traded. Bobby Jackson originally drafted by the great championship contending Seattle Sonic; but before he could celebrate he was traded to one of the worst teams in the NBA (Back then), the Denver Nuggets. He was heartbroken. After reading this book I have learned that a rookie has to face many challenges his first few years. This book is a very good book for people like me. I enjoy playing basketball I love everything about it and reading about it wasn’t too bad. I will recommend this book to young basketball players and athletes. The only thing I did not like about this book was how it jumped around from one player to the next then the next. It confused me a lot because I thought I was reading about one player and I was actually reading about the other. I enjoyed reading NBA: Rookie Experience and I recommend it to basketball…...

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...will ideally make the entire industry more competitive. Also, insurance companies are now required to post their balance sheets, executive compensation, and administrative costs online. Insurance companies will have to accept everyone. No more pre-existing condition exclusions. They can’t place limits on coverage anymore, either. Cheaper prescriptions for seniors. It’s reform. We need reform. We’re in a situation where healthcare is even becoming unaffordable to employers, leaving employees with higher out-of-pocket expenses even if they’re ensured. Healthcare costs have jettisoned innumerable people from the middle class. People get sick and die because insurers won’t take them. This isn’t functional. Any kind of reform helps. Cons Cuts in Medicare. The elderly on Medicare will see their benefits changed dramatically. The biggest item being used to pay for the new program is more than $500 billion in cuts to the program at a time when 72 million baby boomers become eligible for it in the next decade. The second biggest move to pay for this is by raising and expanding the Medicare tax. Costs. Any way you slice it, adding another $940 billion to the deficit is not a good thing for the US economy. Yes, the Congressional Budget Office said that healthcare would actually reduce the budget deficit, but nobody really knows what will happen. No new incentives for primary care physicians. Physicians are increasingly turning to specialties as a way to pay off......

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