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By Sarah White

Introduction.............................................................................................................................. 3

Feminist Perspective............................................................................................................. 3

Sociological Perspective....................................................................................................... 7

Post-Colonial Perspective.................................................................................................... 9

Conclusion............................................................................................................................... 13

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Fairytales have become an integral part of children literature. The various tales have been reinvented as picture books, novels, animated and real-life films. The stories have been twisted and shaped by an ever changing society to represent a wide range of the dominant society’s views. Among these they show perspectives on social class, women’s roles, cultural differences, religion, and human behaviour.
As time goes on, the original tales are discarded and the altered stories become widely known and read. This can lead to the underlying perspectives of the altered stories become subconsciously engrained in the new generation. The effect of this can have a large impact on the views of individuals and groups.
The question asked is do fairy tales actually have that much power to influence people’s viewpoints? Are they really biased towards the dominant culture? This essay will critique the popular tale of Aladdin, focusing on the Disney version. Three perspectives will be…...

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