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Your Name (This should be the heading on all your written work)
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Critical Thinking Assignment (Center the Assignment title)

Introduction/Abstract (Optional – Here you can describe the worldview you are analyzing and give some of the history of its origin and development if you like.)

Part I - Analysis of ______________________ (Your selected Religion/Philosophy)
(Each paragraph to follow must minimally be supported by one properly cited reference to your assigned study materials, or outside sources using APA formatting. Remember that you must use three sources throughout the paper, two of which are your assigned sources; you may refer to outside references but make sure they are properly documented. Remember that every claim made by the religion/philosophy must be properly documented).

Origin (Each of these categories should be treated with a separate paragraph properly titled. Do not discuss the origin of the religion itself, but how the religion answers the origin questions).





Part II – Comparison and Contrast of ______________ with a Biblical Worldview
(In the following comparison and contrast section you must document all religious and theological claims you make. For Christianity you must use Scripture, for the other religion/philosophy you must use your other sources. You must have minimally one reference to Scripture to support a Christian claim per paragraph).

Origin (Each of these categories should be treated with a separate paragraph properly titled).





Conclusion (Optional)

Reference List:

* Everything above is required in your paper except, of course, where it…...

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