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Cross-cultural Experience Paper

Spring 2011

For my cross-cultural experience I decided to visit the Ritz Theatre and Museum on Saturday, April 9, 2011. I went to the Ritz to view an exhibit entitled, “Through Our Eyes 2011 For Women and Men of Color: The Art of Relationships”. I had driven past the Ritz probably a hundred times and often wondered what it was like inside. I was amazed at what I saw. Not only did I view the “Through Our Eyes 2011” exhibit, I also listened to the Young Black Entrepreneurs workshop and visit the museum itself.

The Through Our Eyes 2011is Jacksonville’s longest running annual exhibit featuring new works by African American artists. The exhibit is now in its 18th year. Twenty-three artists create work for this exhibit annually. The artists usually have about three months to plan and prepare their artwork for the exhibit. This year’s theme was a spin off of Tyler Perry’s film, “For Colored Girls”. The theme was to explore relationships, friendship and conflict.

After purchasing my ticket for the museum, I was talking with the security guard about how excited I was to see the exhibit. I told her I had never been in the building before and was curious about the whole place and what all they offer. She let me view the actual Theatre and told me about how many people fit in each section of the building. She said they hold wedding receptions, parties, and other activities in the foyer area.

There was a small group that was getting an actual tour of the museum so after asking permission I tagged along with them. As we entered the gallery I was quite impressed by the colors, texture and different forms of art work displayed. Each piece of work had a description, written in the artists own words, what the artwork was about. There were several artists that I really liked their work. They were Pablo…...

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